1961 BSA Goldstar Clubm
-1947 BSA B33
-1961 BSA Goldstar Clubm
-1961 BSA A10R Super Rock
-0000 BSA A10R Super Rock
Engine: 499cc Air-cooled OHV single__ Claimed Power: 38 bhp @ 7,000rpm__ Top Speed: 110 mph__ Production: 1948-1963

In- 1937, -Wal Handley- lapped the -Brooklands -circuit at over 100 mph on a -BSA- Empire Star, and was- awarded one of the
traditional Gold Star pins for the feat. That inspired BSA to produce the BSA Gold Star It took until after World War II to actually create the

Gold Star, which launched in 1948. So its basic design was ancient by the time it went out of production in 1963.
While the -BSA- Gold Star was famous for its off-road and desert-racing prowess, when properly fitted out, they also made excellent road racing machines, on par the a Norton Manx.

The -Clubman- edition -got a 36mm bellmouth Amal carburetor, hotter cam and timing, higher compression, a freer-flowing exhaust,
better brakes and road tires, along with a lightweight alloy fenders, a -'bum-stop'- seat and low -handlebars. _Being hand built and
with many optional performance modifications available, each motorcycle came from the factory with documented dynamometer test
results, allowing the new owner to see the horsepower produced.

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