1975 Honda CB 550 K1
-1970 Honda CB450P
-1975 Honda XL250
-1975 Honda CB 550 K1
-1981 Honda CB750
1982 Honda CBX
1986 Honda CT110 Trail 110
1986 Honda CT110 Trail 110
1986 Honda VFR50
1989 Honda GB500 Tourist TR
Engine: 544 cc air-cooled 8-valve SOHC transverse four__ Claimed Power: 50bhp@ 8,000 rpm__ Top speed: 98 mph

Production: 1974-1978______________________________________________________________________________

The -Honda CB550- was probably the best balanced -Honda of the seventies. _It did not have the awe-inspiring power of the
legendary CB750, but, it had a stiffer frame and was a lighter and more nimble motorcycle. We might describe the Honda CB550 as
Honda’s “Goldilocks bike” – the CB750 was too big and powerful for many, the smaller bikes such as the CB360 and CB400 were too
small (and the CB360 was not particularly stable as you got it up into its top speed range), but, the CB550 was just right.

The CB550 was in some respects a “bug fix” model, descended from its predecessor the CB500, made to not only improve on power,
but, to remedy the technical faults that had dogged the CB500. -The SOHC engine is good, solid and uncomplicated. While the first
Japanese fours were derided by die-hard -British bike fans for their apparent -complexities, the four is a simple design and requires
little in the way of special tools to maintain and work on. Although there are lots of parts, there are simply more of them, rather
than the engine being over complicated.

The Honda -CB550 is one of the nicest and most practical motorcycles to emerge from Honda’s factories – period. It was a well
thought out, easy to ride and thus easy to enjoy motorcycle that combined Honda’s reputation for “boring reliability” with good
handling and a relatively light weight.

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