1974 Laverda SFC750 Racer
-1974 Laverda SFC750 Racer
-1982 Laverda Jota 120
-0000 Laverda
-0000 Laverda
Engine: 744cc OHC air-cooled parallel twin__ Claimed power: 75hp @ 7,500rpm__ Top speed: 135mph__ Production: 1971 - 1976

In May 1971, the -Laverda 750 SFC,- for Super -FreniCompetizione, was -launched. -Compared to the -750 SF, -the engine was
extensively modified. _The reworked -cylinder head had bigger valves and a new cam profile -(designated 2/C), -the rockers were
polished and 36mm Amal concentric carbs replaced the 30mm Dell’Ortos. _A close-ratio five-speed was fitted, and the crankshaft
and rods were carefully balanced and polished. Power output was rated at 70hp, and each engine was dyno tested to ensure output.

1974 would see the largest single-year run of SFCs. _For the first time, the -Laverda 750 SFC- was considered part of the normal
product range offered to the public and was no longer reserved solely for racing. The SFC was promoted as a “Production Racer,”
similar to Ducati’s -750SS or Norton’s Commando-based production racers, and the changes were numerous. The bodywork was
improved and the zinc-plated frame was lowered and modified with -revised steering geometry, larger front forks, and triple 280mm
Brembo disc brakes. Power was now rated at 75hp. A total of 222 SFCs were built in 1974, with slightly less than half of them going
to the U.S.

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