1973 Moto Guzzi V7 750 Sport
-1960 Moto Guzzi Galletto
-1973 Moto Guzzi V7 750 Sport
-0000 Moto Guzzi
-0000 Moto Guzzi
Engine: 748cc air-cooled OHV 90-degree V-twin__ Claimed power: 70hp @ 7,000rpm__ Top speed: 125mph (period test)

Production: 1971-1974 _________________________________________________________________________________

Motorcycles have a certain sex appeal, some more so than others, and the Moto Guzzi V7 Sport is about as sexy as they come.
The -Moto Guzzi- V7 Sport is based on the -V7 roadster, but, with a new frame and clip-on handlebars, the V7 Sport was the first
Moto Guzzi café racer. The V7 Sport was lighter than the standard V7, it handled well and proved popular.

The V7 Sport formed the basis for subsequent models and ultimately led to the very successful Le Mans. Essentially a factory-built
road racer, the V7 Sport was fast and agile. -In one Italian magazine test, the V7Sport was clocked at 125mph. -Pitted against the Ducati 750 GT, Honda CB750, Kawasaki H2 750 and Laverda 750 SF, the V7 Sport proved fastest.

This was the nascent age of the Superbike, and although other manufacturers were producing quick machines, not all of them could
handle as well as a Moto Guzzi. The V7 Sport lasted only a few short years, however, and was discontinued in 1974.

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