1973 Suzuki TS500J Titan
-1971 Suzuki RV90
-1973 Suzuki TS500J Titan
-1974 Suzuki GT550
-1978 Suzuki GS1000E
1979 Suzuki GS1000SN
1980 Suzuki GS1000S

Engine type: 492cc 2-stroke air-cooled parallel twin__ Claimed power: 47hp @ 7,000rpm__ Top speed: 105mph

Years produced: 1968-1976_______ ___ _______ ____ _______________________________________________

The Suzuki T series was a series of motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki that ran from approximately 1963 through 1977 in various
engine displacements between 90 and 500cc. All T-series engines used piston-ported, air-cooled, two-stroke, two-cylinder engines.
Lubrication was provided via premix or automatic oil injection depending on the year and model. All models through the 1965 model
year were of the premix type while all models from 1966 onwards used automatic oil injection.

Introduced in 1967 the T500/Five -(500cc and five speeds), also known as the -Suzuki -Titan, was bombproof. _Not only did it run
flawlessly when contemporary magazine testers took it through Death Valley in the summertime heat, it soon gained a reputation
as one of the most reliable motorcycles of the Sixties.

Cylinders were aluminum alloy sleeved with iron. The lower end had three main bearings, pump fed lubrication to the lower end of
the rods and the rear of the cylinders, and alternator ignition timed by points. _A -5-speed gearbox transferred power to the chain
final drive. The tachometer drive was taken off the countershaft, which meant the tach wouldn’t read when the clutch was disengaged.

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