1975 Triumph T160 Trident
-1954 Triumph T110 Tiger
-1954 Triumph T110 Tiger
-1969 Triumph T150 Trident
-1971 Triumph TR6C Trophy
1972 Triumph T100R Tiger Dayt
1973 Triumph Trackmaster
1973 Triumph T150V Trident
1973 Triumph T150V Trident
1973 Triumph T140V Bonneville
1975 Triumph T160 Trident (blue)
1975 Triumph T160 Trident
1978 Triumph T140E Bonneville
1978 Triumph T140V Bonneville
1979 Triumph T140E Bonneville
1982 Triumph T140ES Bonneville
1982 Triumph TSS
1983 Triumph T140 Bonneville?
Engine: Air-cooled 740cc ohv triple__ Claimed Power: 58 bhp @ 7,500 rpm__ Top speed: 117.03 mph__ Production: 1968–1976

When Triumph launched its new-for-1968 Triumph Trident T150 triple, the magazine motorheads took notice: “For you
performance buffs, let us state that the Triumph Trident is the fastest street machine we have tested, bar none,” Cycle Guide enthused. For the 1971 model year a fifth gear was added creating the Triumph T150V.

In November 1974, the T150V was succeeded by the modified T160. Some changes were due to market response to the earlier
Tridents; others complied with American safety legislation. With forward-sloping cylinders(like the BSA Rocket3), it also had electric
start and a left-hand gearshift.

The T160 was manufactured for a little over a year, with production ending in early 1976. Around 7,000 T160 models were built for
the 1975 model year; due to slow sales some were still being sold as late as the end of 1977.

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