1961 Velocette Venom
-1961 Velocette Venom
-0000 Velocette Venom
-0000 Velocette Venom
-0000 Velocette Venom
Engine: 499 cc, OHV air-cooled single__ Claimed Power: 34 bhp @ 6,200 rpm__ Top speed: 100 mph__ Production: 1955–1970

Conceived by -Velocette’s _Eugene Goodman and designed by Charles Udall, the -Venom's 499 cc engine had a bi-metal cylinder
with a cast-iron liner, high compression piston and a light alloy cylinder head. The design of the engine's high cam with short push-
rods was simpler to produce than an overhead camshaft.

From 1960, Velocette produced the Venom (and the Viper) in a Clubman racing version, fitted with TT Amal carburetors, a manually
controlled BTH racing magneto (in place of the Lucas unit) and a close-ratio gearbox engine.

On 18 March 1961 a factory prepared Velocette Venom Clubman with fairing set the 24-hour world record at an average speed of 100.05 mph. It was the first motorcycle of any size to top the 100 mph mark in 24 hours.

In 1965, the well-proven Venom was improved by Velocette designer Goodman with a special race kit complete with radically revised
cylinder head, an -Amal -Grand -Prix carburetor and reworked cam followers. _The following year this went into -production as the
VelocetteThruxton. Also known as the Venom Thruxton, this aimed to fill the gap left by the demise of the BSA Gold Star and was
named after the Thruxton Circuit race track.


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