1950 Vincent Series C Rapide
-1932 HRD Python
-1950 Vincent Series B Black SH
-1950 Vincent Series C Rapide
-1951 Vincent White Shadow

1951 Vincent Series C Black S
1951 Vincent Series C Comet
1952 Vincent Series C Comet
1954 Vincent Rapide
1955 Vincent Water Scooter
1969 Vincent Rapide
Engine: 998 cc OHV, air cooled, pushrod V-twin__ Power: 45 bhp @ 5200 rpm__ Top speed: 110 mph__ Production: 1936–1955

The Series -ARapide was the first production Vincent to receive the V-twin engine. _The bike's frame was a version of the brazed-
lug-and-steel-tube diamond frame used by the Comet, but lengthened to accommodate the longer V-twin engine. The rear
suspension was based on the cantilever system patented by Phil Vincent while at Cambridge.

The -1948- Series C -Rapide differed from the Series B -primarily in its front suspension. _By this time Vincent believed that the
Brampton fork had outlived its value, but they had resisted adopting the increasingly common telescopic forks, feeling that they
were not sufficiently rigid in torsion, did not offer enough adjustment, -and did not handle well when ridden hard when a sidecar
was attached. The replacement was a new Vincent design called the Girdraulic fork.

The Girdraulic -fork was similar in -principle to the girder fork. _The lower blade was of -forged steel, while the upper blade was of
heat-treated alloy -(L40 or RR56) forged by the Bristol Aircraft Company. -The forks pivoted on spindles of ground 40 ton steel.
Long coil springs ran beside each blade from the fork ends to eccentric members in the bottom links. Jounce and rebound were controlled by a center mounted hydraulic damper.

The company discontinued use of the HRD monogram in 1950. The logo now simply read The Vincent. Cast parts had "Vincent"
in raised letters.

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