1940 AJS Model 2A
-1940 AJS Model 2A
-1956 AJS Model 18CS
-1956 AJS Model 20
-0000 AJS Model
Engine: 998cc Side Valve V Twin__ Claimed power: 9.9 bhp__ Years Produced: 1929-1939

While modern riders often associate AJS with single cylinder machines the company actually had a long history of building
V-twins of the highest quality. -George Bough considered the AJS engines good enough to power his Brough Superior motorcycles
from 1934 onwards.

The AJS weighed over 100lbs less than its counterparts from Harley Davidson and Indian and thus, its performance was more akin
to the AJS singles than the -VL or Chief, being -light, agile and sporting. _The 2A -managed to combine -durability, using a robust
engine and gearbox, with refinement and high level of finish.

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