1956 AJS Model 18CS
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-1956 AJS Model 18CS
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Engine type: 497cc OHV, air-cooled single__ Claimed power: 32bhp__ Top speed: 81mph__ Years produced: 1950-1965

The AJS Model 18CS was an evolution of the Model 18 a bike that can trace its roots back to the G3L, an ex-military bike that
was sold off in surplus once the war had ended. -
The C stood for Competition -(as a scrambler bike),- and the S stood for the fact
that it had a suspension as opposed to a rigid rear frame.

Although the 1956 AJS 18CS was basically an off-road competition machine (what would now be known as a motocross bike)
in England apparently all 18CSs imported to the U.S. were set up as a road bikes.

Although the AJS motorcycles imported to the U.S. apparently had lights already bolted on (in England, lights were an extra charge
item), a plug built into the bottom of the headlight shell made it easy to detach the headlight for a day of scrambles or flat tracking.

Cooper Motors, the California AJS/Matchless importer, advertised the AJS 18CS as “a real sports motorcycle, ready to go in the
dirt or on the road” and capable of “over 100mph,” which was more than a little optimistic.

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